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Dogs Christmas Wrapping Paper

by Mifkins
Who better to share this festive time of year with than a pack of furry friends! Six of them are here on this Christmas dogs holiday wrap, each clearly committing to the season. There’s a dalmatian and chihuahua with a matching bobble hat and scarf, a pink poodle bringing presents, a French bulldog and scotty dog with christmas sweaters, and a super long dachshund with a red sweater that reads  “falalalalalala”.

All of the adorable illustrated dogs have been hand drawn by Mifkins.

This is a lovely festive gift to any dog mum or cat dad that spoils their pup rotten during the holiday season. This is one of the many beautiful wrapping paper designs from Mifkins.

Made in the UK
Size: 500mm x 700mm
Recyclable uncoated paper